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Texas Residential Guard Services

Protection for Homes & Communities

If you’re a property owner or management executive in Texas, you know the importance of assuring security. Hiring security guards is a smart move when it comes to keeping a residential complex or subdivision safe. Unlike security cameras and police agencies, security guards are on the ground and able to respond to the needs of your tenants in real-time.

Enforce Security Services, Inc. provides top-notch security guard services to residential subdivisions and apartment complexes in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. We’re committed to providing our clients with excellent security guard services, outstanding customer service, and a great working relationship.

Let’s review the many benefits of working with our highly trained security officers to keep the people and property of your residential community safe and secure.

Why Dispatch Residential Security Guards?

Sense of Security

With security guards on patrol, residents, tenants, and property managers will have a justified sense of security. Our security guards are trained to recognize criminal activity and are responsible for providing a response and notifying law enforcement. This experience will keep your community safe and reduce the risk of postal theft, home invasions, burglaries, and theft. One of our clients saw vehicle break-ins end swiftly after bringing on a couple of our security guards for full-time duty.

Quick Response Times

With our security guards in place, you can expect a quick response in emergency situations with the assurance that police were notified in a timely manner. This can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major crisis. Not to take anything away from the respect we have for our friends in local police departments, police always respond after a crime has occurred, whereas security guards are there before it happens. Response times and preemption are excellent deterrents to criminal activity.

Integrity & Professionalism

Enforce Security Services, Inc.’s armed and unarmed guards are highly trained and have extensive experience providing guard services in various situations. We handle various situations, from conflict resolution to dealing with disruptive individuals and providing assistance to residents. Our security guards are also held to high appearance standards, which positively reflects on our clients.

Custom Security Packages

We understand that every community is different, so we offer variable security service packages. You can choose from a range of services, including foot patrol services, roving vehicle patrols, parking lot & gate security, and more. We also provide high-tech security solutions which allow our clients to view status and incident reports and interact with the security officers on duty in real time.


Hiring a few of our security guards is a cost-effective way to ensure the security of your community. We either complement or reduce the need for expensive security technology, such as surveillance cameras, card reading systems, mechanized gates, and the extreme expense of hiring off-duty police officers.

Peace of Mind Has a Value of its Own

Another benefit of hiring security guards for your residential complex or subdivision is the peace of mind we provide to tenants.

Personal Safety

Having our security guards on-site will make your tenants feel safer when coming home at night, leaving for work, or running errands. The presence of armed security guards is proven to deter criminals and make the environment less attractive to those looking to commit crimes.

Improved Community Relations

Our security guards also serve as liaisons between tenants and property management. We help resolve conflicts and complaints professionally and effectively, which can help maintain a positive relationship between tenants and management.

Increased Property Value

Having security guards on patrol will increase the value of the property and can attract potential tenants. A sense of security and safety is essential for many renters and homebuyers when choosing a new place to live. Even for low-income communities, the difference between people moving in and moving out can be primarily attributed to security.

Security & Help with Deliveries

Porch pirates are a genuine concern for people who shop online. Our security guards can assist with package deliveries so tenants can feel comfortable knowing their packages are safe, secure, and protected from theft. This greatly benefits elderly residents who may need help moving their packages.

Have Questions About Security Guard Services?

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By working closely with our security guards, landlords and property managers can help ensure the safety and security of their tenants and make their rental property or private community a more desirable place to live. We’ll develop a custom security plan to fit the needs of your business and your tenants.

At Enforce Security Services, Inc., our top priority is ensuring the safety and security of your community. So if you’re interested in learning more about long-term or short-term security contracts, Enforce Security Services, Inc. is here to help.

We’re a licensed Texas security services provider and take pride in providing excellent security & customer service experiences for our clients. We provide top-notch security services in the Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio regions. For more information, contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your tenants and your property.

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