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Armed Security Guard Services

Fully Protect Your Property & Personnel

Why Choose Armed Guards?

Hiring armed security guards will provide a number of benefits to your business. While unarmed security guards are effective in some situations, armed guards offer a greater level of protection and deterrence in high-risk environments.

Deter Criminal Activity

The main benefit of hiring armed security guards is that we provide a stronger deterrent to criminal activity on your property.

The presence of a uniformed officer carrying a firearm is a highly effective way to prevent crime.

Potential burglars or vandals will think twice before attempting to break in or cause damage when they see one of our armed security guards patrolling the premises.

In addition, our armed guards also serve as a reassurance to your employees and customers, who will feel safer knowing there’s a trained professional keeping the environment safe.

Our Armed Guards Have Advanced Training

In addition to providing a stronger criminal deterrent and a faster response for emergency situations, our armed security guards also have a higher level of training and expertise.

Most of the armed security guards that work with Enforce Security Services, Inc. are required to undergo extensive fire safety training. This training is in addition to learning de-escalation techniques and other tactics for managing high-risk situations. This training teaches them to handle a wide range of potential threats, from armed robberies to terrorist attacks and active-shooter situations.

Expanded Range of Services

Another benefit of hiring armed security guards is that we can provide a more versatile range of services. In addition to providing traditional security services, such as patrolling the premises and checking IDs, our armed guards can also offer specialized services such as employee escorts and assisting the disabled.

Getting To Know Our Guards

Our clients enjoy the solace of knowing that highly trained, licensed security officers secure their property & assets in addition to providing a protective safety mechanism for their clients, customers, and employees.

The job of our security guards is simple; ensure the safety of our clients, their customers, employees, visitors, property, vehicles, and other assets. Many of our officers speak both English & Spanish, have law enforcement experience, and extensive firearms training.

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We’re licensed by the State of Texas, fully insured, and we have positive reviews from multiple business owners. Our security agency is respected for hiring only the most professional and highly trained security officers. If you’re seeking a private security company that’s committed to meeting and appealing to the specific needs of your business, contact our management team today at 832-709-0333.

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Armed Guard Services
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