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Foot Patrol Services

A More Personal Security Presence

Why Choose Foot Patrols?

A More Personal Security Guard Presence

Hiring security guards to provide foot patrols will provide numerous benefits for your business. Foot patrols are particularly effective in ensuring the safety and security of a premises.

Assigning security guards to foot patrol duty has distinct advantages over other forms of security, such as vehicle patrols or stationary guards.

People Can Better Interact with The Guards

One of the main benefits of foot patrol services is that our security guards can have a more personal presence on the premises and with the people on the property.

Unlike vehicle patrols, which seem distant and impersonal, foot patrols will result in our security guards having direct interactions with employees and customers.

Having personally accessible security guards will result in a sense of community on your property improve your relationship with your customers and employees.

Security Guards on Foot Patrols Detect Security Risks Faster

Security guards on foot patrol duty are more effective at detecting potential security threats. When our security guards are not confined to a vehicle, they have the ability to cover a greater area and notice potential hazards or suspicious activity quicker.

They also have the ability to move easily through congested areas, such as hallways or parking lots, where it may be difficult for a vehicle to maneuver. This level of flexibility enables our guard teams to respond to potential threats and take appropriate action faster.

Foot Patrols Are More Flexible than Vehicle Patrols

In addition to providing a more personal presence and better detection of potential threats, foot patrols also offer a greater level of flexibility and adaptability. Because security guards on foot patrols aren’t restricted to a specific route or schedule, they have the option of adjusting their patrols as needed to respond to changing conditions in the environment. This can be especially valuable in dynamic environments, where the need for security changes over time.

Foot Patrols Are More Affordable Than Vehicle Patrols

Another benefit putting security guards on foot patrol duty is that they are a more affordable option for businesses in need of security solutions. Because foot patrols require less equipment and infrastructure than vehicle patrols, they’re a more affordable option for businesses.

In addition to the cost savings, security guards on foot patrol duty are more effective in some situations they’re less likely to overlook security threats than their motorized counterparts. This benefit can enable businesses to provide a higher level of security without incurring unnecessary costs.

Putting security guards on foot patrol duty is not effective for large, sprawling environments, such as warehouses and industrial parks. In these cases, vehicle patrols are probably the better idea.

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Foot Patrol Services
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