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Need Security Guard Services?

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At Enforce Security Services, Inc., we provide our clients with professional, licensed, armed, and unarmed security guards. We provide security guard details and roving vehicle patrol services at some of the most competitive rates in the security industry.

If you’re in the market for a reliable security guard service provider, contact Enforce Security Services, Inc. today by sending us a message form or by calling 832-709-0333.

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Expertly Trained & Licensed Security Guards

In today’s climate, reliable security is a prime concern for our clients throughout Texas. Whether security guards are needed to protect people, private property, or other assets, security guards under the employ of Enforce Security Services, Inc. can be relied upon for swift service in a professional manner.

Here at Enforce Security Services, Inc., we specialize in providing top-notch security guard solutions to banks, credit unions, hospitals, pharmacists, jewelers, manufacturers, hotels, office buildings, shopping & retail centers, warehouses, construction sites, residential properties, apartment complexes, and more.

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We Serve The Following Texas Cities…

Our Security Guards WILL Protect Your Customers, Commercial & Residential Property, and Assets

Industries Served By Our Security Guards

We’re often called upon to provide security for businesses of all types, sizes, and scope.

Banks & Credit Unions
Security Officers for Hospitals & Clinics
Hospitals & Clinics
Auto Dealerships
Office Buildings
Office Buildings
Construction Sites
Shopping Centers
Shopping Centers
Retail Stores
Retail Stores
Apartment Homes

About Our Security Services

We provide multiple services & benefits to our clients. Read on!

Uniformed Security Officers
Vehicle GPS Systems for Patrol Verification
Visitor, Tenant & Employee Escorts
Life Safety & Evacuation
Facility Oversight & Monitoring
Industry-Specific Safety Procedures
Gate Security & Guard Shacks
Building & Property Protection
Reception & Concierge Services
Valet Parking Service
CCTV Monitoring
Emergency Medical Response
Access Control Monitoring
Incident Response
Data Logging & Reporting
Perimeter Security & Patrol
Alarm Response
And More!

Why Businesses Hire Our Security Guards

We’re licensed. Our guards are well trained. We put our clients first.

Licensed Security Officers

Top Quality Training

Our clients enjoy the solace of knowing that highly trained, licensed security officers secure their property & assets in addition to providing a protective safety mechanism for their clients, customers, and employees.

The job of our security guards is simple; ensure the safety of our clients, their customers, employees, visitors, property, vehicles, and other assets. Many of our officers speak both English & Spanish, have law enforcement experience, and extensive firearms training.

A Full-Service Security Guard Agency

Our guard-staff receives training geared towards addressing and resolving various threats and situations.

Our guard-staff receives training geared towards addressing and resolving various threats and situations.

Enforce Security Services, Inc.’s security teams have specific training for situations involving robbery, vandalism, workplace violence, residential conflicts, and medical restraint. So, we’re uniquely positioned to serve the majority of businesses & organizations that need professional security guard, patrol, and monitoring services.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Next to security, customer service is our #1 priority.

Enforce Security Services, Inc. is a local, family-owned security company which means you’ll get more attentive care than is the case with national chains.

Your security account will come with a dedicated and responsive account manager who you can contact at any time. So, any concerns that may arise can be resolved quickly.

We pride ourselves in our outstanding client retention rate. We attribute our high client retention to addressing customer concerns quickly.

Professional Security Solutions

Secure peace of mind with our professional security guard services. Our security personnel have experience serving the Greater Houston area, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. All of our armed guards have successfully completed their background checks, have multiple years of experience, and provide exceptional services.

We’re licensed by the State of Texas, have positive reviews from multiple business owners, and we’re respected for hiring only the most professional security officers. If you’re seeking a private security company that’s committed to meeting and appealing to the specific needs of your business, contact our management team today at 832-709-0333.

Armed Security Guards for Texas Businesses

Regardless of any specific situation involving various security risks, our private security guards have extensive experience providing emergency response services, solutions to counter criminal activity, and perform a wide range of security services. Our armed security officers provide mobile patrols, commercial security services, security for industrial plants, residential complexes, commercial property, government facilities, and can be monitored real time using our state of the art technology via PC or mobile devices.

Any company working to be recognized as one of Texas’ top security guard companies should work toward making their environment a safer place, respond to last minute security risks in a timely manner, serve small businesses, operate with higher standards, and provide superior security services. Due to our continuous pursuit of improvement, Enforce Security Services, Inc. is not only a professional security company, but appreciated by its employees and contractors as a great company to work for.

We Only Hire The Best Texas Security Officers

Our security guard staff consist of former military personnel, retired law enforcement officers, private security contractors and other security professionals. If you’re looking for a Texas security guard company that can offer you the right level of security at a moment’s notice, with the best guards that operate under the highest standards, talk with our management team today.

If you’re ready to instill a sense of security with security guards that are experienced with implementing problem solving security measures, don’t hesitate to reach out to our management team.

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We’re licensed. Our guards are well trained. We put our clients first.

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